Hi, I'm Jennifer. 

& I'm the writer in this small space.

I grew up in California in a small town located two hours away from the beach & approximately many hours away from the closest famous actor or actress. (We do, however, have a large palm tree in our backyard, but I'm afraid that's the closest thing we have to the things generally associated with California.) 

Mornings are my favorite time of day; quiet & unexplored & fresh. You can usually find me with my don't-talk-to-me face on for the first twenty minutes after waking up, my bible & prayer journal in hand, & a very large cup of coffee.

My favorite thing is coffee (cinnamon dolce latte, pumpkin spice latte, & just a plain ol' homemade latte are my favorites, to be exact) & it's much of the fuel (and Jesus, of course) behind the many posts here on seasons of thought.

I have five amazing brothers who treated me like a queen because I was the only sister. I am a blessed sister (especially since the married ones have given me nieces and nephews which I love and adore and snuggle). 

I grew up singing & writing songs & thinking music was what I would do and pursue but God had different plans & passions for me. I still sing and write music but its mostly to process & express thoughts & feelings.

I became a Christian at twenty-one years old quietly but spectacularly. Unhappiness & dissatisfaction pushed me to questions & to a Father who's rescued & redeemed me. My story is not what I ever imagined it would be; its better & messier. (My more complete story is told here through posts on the blog). 

I've been writing since nine or ten years old when I received my first fuzzy blue & pink journal for my birthday & I haven't stopped writing since then. It has become my way to remember, process, heal at times, pray & encourage others.

At first it was my own personal space & if people stumbled upon it, that was great. But I started writing about things that I cared about & that I believed other people cared about & felt. Thoughts, feelings, issues,  struggles, hope, stories, redemption in those stories, & gospel. 

So, welcome, dear one, to unfinished but beautiful stories made so by our precious Savior. If you desire hope, encouragement, & the willingness to dive into hard subjects (& you like coffee or even if you don't because that's what grace is about), please stick around. 

- jenn

If you'd like to find seasons of thought on social media sites (or see snapshots of my day-to-day personal life) we have some accounts for that. 

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