Jennifer here.
I've got two big cups of hot coffee, (one is for you) some snacks, and my favorite bottle of Tabasco sauce which you're welcome to if that's your kind of thing.
The couch is comfy, and there's a warm blanket right over there.
My heart is for you to realize your beauty and value is in the Lord.
Settle in and know that you're safe here, Friend. 

My First Car

My mom loves to reminisce about her first car. It's what I have lovingly dubbed a "boat" and her friends called "the bomb." It was a 1970's orange Dodge Dart Swinger. Now they're rare and a classic but back then they were "boats" and "bombs" and probably not so cool. 

Her dad bought it for her because it was safe and not for it's "cool factor." But now I don't think any 17 year old girl would mind driving around in such a classic. ;)


A 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger.

A 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger.

All that to say, I just got my first car. Maybe my kids will say "Mom, you had a boat! And you dressed weird, too!" ;)


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